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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tales with Two

Sadly, still no pictures:( I have not made it to the store to buy something to back up the pictures on my computer. But stay tuned...

Ella is still enthralled with Miller! Her face just lights up when she sees him. Today when she got home from church and ran down the hall saying "see Baby Miwer, see Baby Miwer." Sadly I had to tell her we could not wake him up. After a few minutes of tears, she decided she would wait to see him. Murray said at church today when he picked Ella up from the nursery she ran down the hall saying "Baby Miwer, Baby Miwer, Baby Miwer." Even though Ella LOVES Miller, all her actions do not seem so loving. Yesterday Miller had his face stepped on (and Ella definitely had shoes on!) and both eyes poked at the same time when Ella was trying to kiss him from behind. But at least it is all out of love. Today she did hit him on the head, but overall she gets soooo excited every time she sees him. And when he is asleep she stands outside his door and bangs on the door.

Miller is doing great! I know things can change at any moment, but so far Miller has been the most laid back baby who loves to eat and sleep. He might realize that his bed is the one place he is safe. Whatever it is, something is making him very content and he is allowing Mommy and Daddy to get some good sleep. We are enjoying every minute of it because we know it may not last.

Tomorrow should be a very interesting day. Ella's Mother's Day Out starts back tomorrow. My plan is to take Ella. Hopefully we can make it out the door!


  1. Ella is hysterical!! I can't wait to see her in action in just 2 weekends!!! I'm so glad she loves Miwer!!!

  2. Ella is just giving Miller "love pats". That is what Tucker calls it when he may be a little too rough with Collier. Hope everything went smoothly dropping her off this morning. Life is definitely different with two!

  3. Congratulations on your new baby boy! How exciting! Good luck with everything the next few weeks!