Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Yesterday I was so hopeful that we might be able to go home by Sunday. They lowered Miller's oxygen levels all day and he did great. Then last night his levels went down and they had to raise the amount back up to where it was before and gave him a breathing treatment. There is still nothing to worry about; this is the course that the doctor told us to expect. Miller and I just have a few more days of hanging out together at Children's.

Our big event today was getting a bath. We have discovered that after having a bath, Miller's hair is very spiky. It is soooo cute!

As you can tell it is a little difficult to get a good picture of a newborn with the computer!


  1. Kimberley,
    Miller is so cute! I love his spiky hair! We are prayer for all of you. Hope Miller is feeling better very soon. Love, Vickie Beckers (from your mom's office)

  2. precious boy! i am glad he is feeling better and will continue to pray for you guys!

    melissa(rosenbaum) platt

  3. he has so much hair! what a doll! still praying for you guys and hoping you get to go home soon.

  4. Hey Kim,
    I am glad to know about your blog so we can stay updated. We have certainly been praying for little Miller. I know you are ready to have your sweet family together!

    I can't believe how much hair he has - none of mine had hair until they were about 2. Of course, they now have enough for several people!! We are still waiting on more that fuzz from John Dalton.

    Anyway, Miller looks precious and I can't wait to hold him. Hang in there.
    love, Blakeley