Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sara Wells's Thoughts from the Lake

I had a great time at the lake!  

I felt like such a big girl swimming with Ella and Miller.
I loved digging through the snack bag with Miller
to find that perfect snack.
 I loved my new pool toys!
 Pancakes for dinner was by far my favorite meal!
Even though the horses were a little big, I was very fascinated with them.  I tried to feed them, but they just were not interested.
I loved feeding
this cute little billy goat,
 even though he did try to eat my hair.
And I had a blast playing with my cousins!
 But Mommy and Daddy,
I am only 2 years old,
I require just a little bit more sleep
than you were letting me have!
Even Elmo was exhausted!
Whew!  What a week!

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