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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free Lemonade

This summer Ella and Miller have been very serious about making money.  We got everyone piggy banks for Easter or Valentine's Day (I cannot remember) and they have been collecting change around the house every since.  A few dollar bills have been added here and there for extra things they have done around the house to help.  But the real concept of money had not really clicked.  

All that changed a couple of weeks ago.  When we were at the lake with Murray's parents, Papa paid Ella and Miller for helping with all the yard work.  Of course they immediately wanted to spend it!  However, they found out very quickly that $2 is not quite enough to purchase what they want to buy.  

Including his $2, Miller had saved up enough money to buy a Power Ranger's costume.  But Ella's heart's desire was tap shoes;  all we have heard about for the past month are tap shoes!  The $2 plus the money in her piggy bank was not enough to purchase her tap shoes.

When Ella realized she still needed more money, she decided to make and sell chocolate chip cookies to earn the rest of the money she needed for tap shoes.  Ella's hard work paid off.  From those two days of hard work (one day making and one day selling) Ella earned enough money to finally buy her tap shoes.

And boy did she wear those tap shoes out!  She tapped and tapped and tapped.  She danced in the garage from 11:30 to 6:00.  I promise you I am not exaggerating!  I made her come in for lunch and she took a few quick breaks for water, but other than that she was outside the entire time, tapping way!  Needless to say, Ella loves her tap shoes and the fact that she worked hard to pay for them makes them even more special.  
So now, Ella and Miller are all about earning money!  

We decided our venture this week would be a Lemonade Stand!  All week we have been looking forward to and preparing for our Lemonade Stand.

Ella made the Rice Crispy Treats.
 Miller made the cookies.
Ella put all the cookies and rice crispy treats in bags.
With our goodies packaged
and lemonade made, we were ready for business.
 We walked up to the end of our driveway, turned on Pandora and waited for our first customer.
Their first customers were actually friends from church (unsolicited).  They were driving by to go swimming with some friends.  Ella and Miller were thrilled to offer their friends some snacks to give them energy for swimming. 
 Rachel loved Ella's Lemonade.
Even though the Lemonade Stand was VERY successful (Murray and I are thinking about opening our own lemonade stand!),
Ella and Miller eagerly awaiting their customers

there were still times of

disappointment when a "customer" did not stop,
arguing over who would fix the next lemonade,
and a few distractions (finding crickets).

And don't worry, Sara Wells did not miss all the fun.  After about 45 minutes, Sara Wells bee bopped her way up the drive way to join the fun.  She woke up from her nap, put on the "appropriate attire and joined the party outside all on her own!  She is not one to miss out on any fun.

I have a feeling that a few more Lemonade Stands are in the future of our summer!

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  1. Ella and Miller, I hope you have your lemonade stand when I come to visit next. I will be very thirsty after my trip. Granna