Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not Forgotten

From the beginning, Cahaba Park has focused on Ukraine in missions.  I posted this post after I returned from Ukraine in 2009.  
The orphanage that we work with houses children with "special needs" (most seem to have learning disabilities and have been labeled special needs).  
The majority of our work while we are there is in helping with the autism program.  

Inspired by the work that has begun there and the ways that families have been impacted, Tom Saxon (a pastor at our church and former missionary to Ukraine) and Matt Blick (an excellent film maker who is currently working with MTW to produce films for the missionaries on the field) have filmed a documentary about Autism in Ukraine.  

You can watch the trailer here.  From this short 2 minute trailer you can see that amazing work that has begun over the past few years in Ukraine. 

The Autism Documentary "Not Forgotten- The Secret of Autism in Ukraine" has been chosen by Cultivate Wines to enter the contest to win either $50,000 or one of the 5 $10,000 prizes.  The documentary cannot be finished unless they can get funding.  SO PLEASE HELP US!  Here is how you do it:

Go to this link:

Click "I want to Vote"  There is a box from Cultivate that says login and vote.  This sends you to their facebook page. YOU MUST 'LIKE' THEM. This is only done once.
The second time you vote you will just use the link and vote.

You may vote 1 time a day for the next 8 weeks.

Please, please, please vote!  Vote everyday!  Pass it on to others to vote!  The voting goes on for 8 weeks, so vote, vote, vote!

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