Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer

Ok, I am not ashamed to admit it, I am one of those moms that pulls out the workbooks for the kids to work through during the summer.  We have tried several different workbooks, but the one that Ella did last summer was far and away the best we have tried!
Flash Kids Sight Words Level A Workbook was perfect for Ella entering into Kindergarten.  You can order it here or get it from Barnes and Noble.  Before we started the book, I thought Ella would fly through the book and we would be onto the next workbook in a month.  My expectations were a little off...she barely made it through the book by the end of the summer.  We worked through two pages a day, made flash cards for the new words and then worked through all the flash cards of the words she already knew.  At times I just wanted to give up and throw the book away.  I think she wanted to throw it away everyday!  But we both persevered (it took lots and lots of Starbursts and the promise of a pedicure when she finished) and I really think this book is what helped lay the foundation for Ella learning to read.  Although pulling teeth might have been easier, every time we went through her flash cards, Ella was so proud of herself for knowing all these new words!

As summer is approaching (Ella and Miller's last day of school is Wednesday!) I just thought I would share this little tid-bit of information with you just in case you are trying to get prepared for summer.  I will be heading to Barnes and Nobel this week to pick up the next level for Ella to start working through this summer.  

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  1. I am a lover of workbooks too. We like the Kumon books and the BrainQuest workbooks. The BQ covers a lot of subjects. Caroline has done the Kumon tracing books which lays the foundation for writing. SW might like those.