Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Picture

If one picture could sum up our Disney trip this would be it!

Now, don't worry, I have more than this picture, WAY more than this picture, but this picture captures it all.  I took this picture our first day at the Magic Kingdom on the Teacups.  Miller has heard Ella talking about the Teacups and looking at her pictures from the Teacups for years (well maybe only a year and a half, but when you are only 4 that is a very long time).  And now HE is finally on the Teacups.  You can see the excitement on Ella's face because she is just beginning to experience the spinning that she remembers and has been telling Miller about.  And Miller is filled with awe that he is finally on this ride (he had no clue what a ride really was) that Ella has been telling him about.

I will always remember these faces!!!

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