Friday, April 22, 2011


First and most important, I finished the easter outfits!!!  No pictures yet, they are in the dryer right now.

This video captures life perfectly.  I hardly ever put videos here, but this video was so cute I just had to share it with you all.  As a little girl I loved the movie Annie.  Almost every time I got to rent a movie I always picked out Annie (I have no idea why we never bought it, I probably rented it 100 times).  I have been waiting and waiting for the day when Ella could watch Annie.  I tried several months ago and Ella did not make it past the beginning scene with Ms. Hannigan.  I know several little girls Ella's age who love Annie so I thought maybe I should try again.  We gave Ella the movie for her birthday.  To say she loves the movie would be an understatement!  All day long Miller and Ella act out Annie.  She sings the songs ALL THE TIME.  She now loves to help me make the bed because she gets to roll around in the sheets like Annie.  I was not home when Murray made this video.  Sara Wells woke up from her nap and started crying.  Ella asked if she could go in and get Sara Wells up.  This is what Murray walked in to.  


  1. Love it! It may be time to break out the "We Got Annie" Step Sing video and costume :)

  2. This is TOO cute....I LOVED it....especially hearing Sara Wells say "DahDee" when Murray opens the door....these kids are TOO cute! Annie is such a great movie......