Thursday, April 28, 2011

God is Good

I am sure that most of you know, Alabama was hit by extreme severe weather twice yesterday. Yesterday morning Birmingham was hit and yesterday afternoon Tuscaloosa was hit. We are fine and Wellon and Stephen are fine. That is most important. Both of our houses had major damage. Looking back at our morning and hearing about Wellon and Stephen it is so clear that God had his hand over us. My computer is not working so I have no pictures to share with you and am limited to sharing stories. But, there is no doubt that God protected all of us. I will try to share more with you over the next few days. Praise the Lord we are all safe, unharmed and together.


  1. is so good to hear from you! I have worried about your family and Birmingham as we have heard that your city took a major hit. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you. These kind of things help us to remember that life is fleeting....and that God is always on His throne and in control. With our love, Jane

  2. So thankful everything is okay!!

  3. Kimberly, I'm so thankful you're OK and your family too. I've been watching lots of coverage of the devastation because we've been camped out in the hospital the last two days with the birth of our newest one. I thought of you when the devastation was so great in Alabama. Thanks for sharing that you're OK! Praise God!