Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Iron Chef Argyle

Stephen has won the trophy for the best Christmas present ever! This year for Christmas he gave Murray and Mark an "Iron Chef" for Christmas. It took awhile to find a date that would work for everyone, but we finally had our Iron Chef.

The Rules:
Each chef can choose a Sous Chef
Three Dishes, each including the secret ingredient
Two hour time limit

The Teams:
Stephen and Alex

Murray and Mary

Mark and David

The Secret Ingredient: Lamb!

Food Preparation:
It was a little tight in the kitchen, but some masterpieces were created!

The Kids enjoyed some very sophisticated Sheep's Cheese compliments of David.

The Dishes: (only a few)
Shepherds' Pie: Team Mark and David

Egg's Benedict with Lamb Sausage: Team Stephen and Alex

Lamb, Cucumber and Peanut Salad: Team Murray and Mary

Lamb Tartar (yes, raw lamb): Team Mark and David

And the winner is...
Team Murray and Mary!

yes Ella is still up at 10:30, crazy night!

The Clean Up

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