Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Girl

Ella turned 3 on Saturday! I cannot believe it! Where did the time go? Ella had a great birthday! The festivities started Friday morning. I took rice crispy treats with icing to Ella's class (I forgot the camera, sorry no pics). I am sure that all of the parents loved me for that one. They had the little party in her class at 12:30 and by 12:45 the kids were pretty hyper!

When we got home Ella had the biggest surprise...Murray set up her big girl bed! You can tell by the pictures Ella was thrilled!

Saturday morning we had Ella's birthday party. She has been talking about her birthday at the farm for a very long time. Saturday morning she was thrilled that it was finally her birthday! She was definitely the Princess of the party.

Miller was a trooper the entire party and by this point he was just ready for his cupcake!


  1. happy birthday ella! i can't believe she is already 3! i love how excited she was about the big girl bed. so cute!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss Ella!!!! She is so super cute! The party looks awesome!!!

  3. Happy Bday Ella!! And major jump to a big girl bed!! Way to go, Ella! Did you make the curtains? So cute!

  4. Happy birthday, Ella! Kim, I love her doggy pillow and curtains! Did you make them?

  5. The birthday was great! I did make the curtains. But they were quilts and I just put the gingham panels on the sides. They had a blue that I did not like. So it is not that impressive.