Friday, September 19, 2008

Miller's On the Move

Well, it has finally happened. Miller is mobile! It has definitely changed things here. It is amazing how fast he has gotten in 10 days! He can move!

Whitney, these are for you!
Whitney sent Miller this lion when he was born and he loves it! Miller definitely loves his animals. When we lay him down in bed the first thing he does is reach for his "aminals" (as Ella says) and it is almost always his lion! It is about the cutest thing. This is how Miller looks every time I put him to bed and when I go in to get him up.


  1. Go Miller, go! He looks so much like Ella when he's smiling in the second picture!

  2. oh my gosh! he is so cute! isn't it amazing how everything changes when they are mobile? thomas has discovered that he can climb a few stairs...good times!

  3. Look at him!!! Wow...he is so cute!!!

  4. i love these pictures. i can't wait to see him in about a month! he is so big now. and i want one of those lions for myself.