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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day Murray gave me a trip to Boston to visit my roommate from college and dear dear friendWhitney. I know it is a little after Mother's Day, but I just cashed in my trip. Carey (whose sweet husband did the same for her) and I headed out Thursday afternoon and Kitty joined us Friday night. I cannot say enough how great hosts Whitney and Will were. We had the most wonderful time! Now that I am home, looking at my pictures, I realize I did a terrible job of taking pictures which is really annoying for two reasons. One, I do not have any good pictures and two because I definitely lugged my camera all over Boston for apparently no reason!
Quick run-down of events...
Friday Whitney had to work so Carey and I explored Brookline (Whitney's neighborhood). I am including this picture from lunch because I had this meal in honor of Murray. This was apparently a very popular brunch/lunch place with very interesting sandwiches. If you look closely you can see my awesome sandwich. I got the Raphel Sandwich. Ingredients: Slow roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and two slices of Bread. Murray, I know you are smiling with pride right now.

Friday night we picked up Kitty at the airport and headed to Finale for dessert (you will notice a theme for the weekend, EATING).
Saturday we went shopping on the famous Newbery Street. Cute shop after cute shop. Saturday we went to Pomodoro. The best meal!!! Whitney and Will are friends with the owner and they just kept bringing us food! Oh, it was too good for words!

Sunday we took a famous Duck Tour. On the plane a Boston native said, "You aren't going to do anything cheesy like a Duck Tour are you?" My response, "Of Course! and I am super pumped about it!!!" It was all I hoped for and more! Here is a picture of our lovely Duck.

We then did more walking and shopping and Saturday night we went to The North End (Italian District) and ate more great food. We did walk a lot, but I do not think it came anywhere close to make up for all the eating that we did!
Monday morning Whitney fixed us our farewell breakfast quiche and we headed to the airport. Thank you Whitney and Will!


  1. Awe...looks like y'all had a BLAST!!!!! so fun! miss you!

  2. Yeah Kim for documenting the weekend! We had a blast, a million thank you's to Whit and Will. Boston was so fun- friends and food even better.

  3. yeah i had to just about beat it out of my dad trying to find the URL for your blog!

    but now we're blog friends YAY!