Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Climber

I think everybody has a child who is a climber.  Miller is our climber.  He was not one of those babies who you look up and they have pulled out all of the drawers and are on top of the dresser or climbed up the bookcases.  Miller's climbing is a fairly new hobby.  He now climbs anything and everything!  Literally,  he tries to climb smooth walls.  

This hobby of Miller's started before we moved into this house and I knew when I saw the fireplace it would not be long before Miller tried to climb it.  It happened the other day.  We were sitting at the table coloring.  I looked up and Miller was scaling the wall.
A few minutes later, the same thing.
I have never been a climber, but to me, this looks pretty impressive!
We have never given Miller any ideas that he should try climbing the stone fireplace (although just a few nights before this Murray did ask me if I thought he could climb it and then tried!).  I think these pictures may speak a little into Miller's future?  If anyone knows of a place where almost 4 year old can climb, I would love to know!

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