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Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Ella got a Big Girl Bed when she turned 3. I probably waited too long, but I was not ready to give up her crib! It was a very big deal when she got her bed. We came home from school and Murray surprised Ella with her bed and her brand new bedding. Ella was thrilled!

Miller's change was not quite the same experience. We both knew that Miller's time in his crib was coming to an end, but I just kept pushing the thought out of my mind. Trying to delay the inevitable. It could only last for so long. About 2 weeks ago, Miller climbed out of his crib for the first time. After his taste of freedom, there was no going back. Especially since Ella was getting out of bed in the mornings to go to the bathroom. When he climbed out after his nap, I knew that the time had come to change his bed. That night things got crazy and about 7:00 I realized we had not put together Miller's bed. With our propensity to end up in the emergency room, I knew the more chances we gave Miller to climb out of his bed, the more likely it was we would end up at Children's with a broken arm. So, about 7:00 Murray started putting together Miller's bed. An hour an half later after the skill saw, power screw driver and hammer had all been put to use, Miller's bed was finally ready. Poor thing, he does not even have sheets that fit his bed, has no rails and no comforter. But he could care less. He is just thrilled to be in a bed like Ella. After about a week of serious discipline, he has finally learned how important it is to stay in his bed.

Here are a few pictures of Miller in his poor bed with all of his "stuff."

If it was this last minute for Miller, who knows what it will be like for Sara Wells!


  1. okay- it makes me feel better that ella didn't get a big girl bed until she was 3. mj is about to turn 2 and i have wondered if i should move her but don't want to with baby #2 coming and just don't want to deal with it for a while. love that picture of miller with all his "stuff" in the bed. all your babies are SO cute kim!

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