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Monday, February 15, 2010


As many of you know, I love to sew! Who knows what that is going to look like now that Sara Wells is here, but I still have a project or two going and at least 10 in my head. The problem is I do not have a creative bone in my body, so I have to get my inspiration from other places. I have found so many great blogs with extremely creative people! I cannot come up with my own ideas so I have to borrow them from others. I would love to share my projects here, but I am just lucky if I finish one! So, instead of sharing things I have done, I though I would share some of the sites that I love and have gotten so many ideas from.

Ruffles and Stuff
Made (on this site, the entire month is dedicated to boys, she has some really cute ideas for boys, which is hard to come up with!)
Fly Through Our Window
Lil Blue Boo

These are just a few that I like to look at and get "inspired" from.

One of my biggest accomplishments before Sara Wells was born was Ella's Christmas present. I was having the hardest time thinking of some to get Ella for Christmas that she would just love because she does not play with toys. I saw these dolls some time ago and immediately thought of Ella. I did not know how much Ella would "love" them, but she always loves things that I make for her so I thought it was worth a shot.

When she opened them I got all the reaction I needed to make my effort worth it. She said "Oh mommy, did you make these? They are beautiful!" Melted my heart! Honestly though, Miller loves them more than Ella. He sleeps with the Archie doll every night. You can get the Olive and Archie dolls HERE


  1. I am so impressed. Those dolls are AWESOME!!!

  2. KIm....I am so proud of you! I too love to sew and my inspiration has been my two cute grandkids..I have been sewing like crazy for Thompson and Daveney and will try to forward on to you some of the cute ideas that I am seeing around really is so much fun and even more fun to have someone to put the clothes on! I managed to sew when my 3 were is possible! My love to you, Jane Barnes

  3. kim- so excited for you with sara wells and so happy you shared some of your sewing with us- thanks for the idea sites too. though i know we never talk, i think of you so much!!! know life is crazy- can't believe you have three!