Monday, November 16, 2009

We Got Rolled

By our kids! The kids have been playing so well together lately. They have gotten to the point where they will go down to the basement and play by themselves and actually have fun together. Tonight Murray and I sent them downstairs while I was getting dinner on the table so we could have a few peaceful minutes to catch up. They were downstairs about 15 minutes. We heard lots of laughing and yelling, but we just thought, "this is great!" When Murray called Ella and Miller upstairs to eat Ella said, "no Daddy, you come down here." We have had a little bit of a rough day as far as talking back and saying no to me. So when Ella said no again Murray went downstairs with a very stern and corrective attitude. When he got to the bottom of the stairs I heard him just start laughing in disbelief and then Ella started in. This picture is what I saw when I got downstairs. We just laughed and laughed. They actually did a very good job. I was most impressed that they actually wrapped the toilet paper around the trampoline. I guess that teaches me a lesson that I cannot be lazy when unloading the car and leave the toilet paper at the bottom of the stairs.


  1. Oh my. They definitely had a good time!!

  2. SA and TA play together too, and although we haven't been rolled, they manage to do plenty of damage. I don't mind cleaning it because it means I've had a few minutes to do something that needs to be done around the house. Ella and Miller are very creative!!!