Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It has been almost a year exactly since I posted this picture. Ella made this mess with stickers one night while I was trying to let her entertain herself to give me a few minutes to fix dinner...

You would have thought after a year of having two very active children I would have learned my lesson, but no. We have been stuck at home with the flu for a week now. The kids are definitely going crazy, but not fever free so we cannot leave. I was just trying to do something different so I pulled out the stickers again. I don't know how it happened so quickly but somehow Miller dumped out all the stickers (same box, no matter how many times we use those stickers they just will not go away. it is like they multiply over night) and spread them all over the floor. This time they were so spread out that I could not get a good picture to really capture how great a job Miller did of creating a mess!

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