Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Are Back

Well, I must admit that I am very disappointed in myself in my lack of blogging! Everyday at the end of the day I feel a little guilty about yet another day going by with no updates. But, I am now ok with the fact that I might blog every other day or only once a month and it is ok. My intentions are definitely to post as often as possible because so much goes on here that I want to share, but that is just not realistic these days with two children who only take one nap!

So, on my first blog back from my blogging hiatus, I debated, do I go back and fill in or do I just start with today and go forward like I did not miss a beat? I decided on a little of both. I have missed so much since the first of the year that I could never really catch up, and honestly I know you want to know about now. But because I do have high hopes of printing this blog for our family (mostly because Miller does not have a baby book) I have chosen to start back with this.

This blog usually comes when a baby turns one, I am only two months behind. Not to bad for number two...

It is hard to believe that Miller has only been with us for a year! How did the time go by so fast???

8.4 lbs 20 1/2 inches long

And who could forget those first two weeks in the hospital?

3 Weeks Old

9.1 lbs 22 inches

7 Weeks Old

12.11 lbs 24 inches

4 Months Old

17 lbs 27 inches

6 Months Old

20.7 lbs 27 1/2 inches

9 Months Old

23.6 lbs 29 3/4 inches

12 Months Old

27 lbs 31 1/2 inches

Miller's Favorite Words at One
Thank you

I cannot believe how fast the time goes!!!

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