Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blogging to the speed of Life!

For some time now, Murray and I have been very unhappy with our internet service! It was very slow and ALWAYS went out! So about a week ago we made the switch to Charter. I switched hoping to have a much more reliable service but found out we would also be getting a much faster service! It took about a week for us to actually switch and get our internet up and running (which is why there have been no updates lately, sorry), but it is awesome!!!! SOOOOO much faster! Totally worth the hassel of changing everything!

But how does that help us Blog to the Speed of "Life"? Well, Santa visited me early this year and brought me a new camera!!!!! Check out the beauty!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!!!! The only bad thing is we take soooo many pictures and it is hard to narrow them down. We are definitely not missing any moments with this camera! And it is so fun bc Ella is just getting into posing for the camera and loving it. Here are a few of the pictures where she is loving the camera...

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  1. Yay for you Kim! 2 blogs in one are a pro!! I'm pretty sure I am getting this camera as well! i will have to get tips from you!!